More than courses. Technology’s Friends Club, an online platform, linking people to technology training pathways.

A portal to venture into the technological world.

An always available community that offers a simple learning process. Personalized itineraries that you can follow step by step and access to the best content recommended by experts.

Face 1

Project kick-off workshops

Sprint Planning

Face 2

The Design System

Color styles

Text styles

The Space Grotesk font is a typeface with character and personality, it is playful in the right proportion to relate to the technological and learning side of the brand, we proposed it for headlines.

The inter font is a typography that has good legibility and works very well on digital platforms, that's why we proposed it for long texts and controls.

Cute characters and cute faces

Face 3

The Website

A new platform which gathers resources available on internet

Each person can access a range of training resources and tools that vary according to their interests, preferences and previous knowledge.

The Test

Responsive adaptation

Other projects: